To Become a leader in the field of solutions provider, engineering, construction and supplier of electrical, industrial and

electromechanical in KSA.


Our Mission is to fulfill the dreams of our clients to a green reality through our excellent quality bench marking,

innovative technologies, global safety standards, cost effective ways and non-nonsense attitude.

To satisfy the technical requirements and specification of the customer/clients and to support in project demands

in terms of delivery in time. Also, to assist our clients/customers in all stages of project with our engineering and

technical team.

Our Quality Philosophy:

We believe in “Quantity with Quality” & that will allow us to provide the best service to our Clients.

Safety Programes

• A safety supervisor is responsible for the employee’s safety.

• Main safety rules and requirements

• Assist to eliminate unsafe behavior

• Activate accident investigations and reporting and check accuracy of actions.

• Recommend appropriate action to remove or control hazarders and conduct follow the construction

procedures and report all injuries, no matter how minor.

• Instruct safety for all newly hired employees.

• Conduct discipline to the violators of safety regulations. Such punishment includes transfer from one

contract to another or dismissal.

• Responsible to supervise the safety plans.

• Report accidents and safety matters and maintain all records relating to safety which are required.

• Periodically inspect, and instruct maintenance of tools, protection equipment and fire extinguishers etc.

• Conduct accident investigations, recommend appropriate action.

• Control the activities of the safety engineers.



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